“You are badass MOFOs that are capable of change that you can’t imagine… You don’t need to be special. You just need to be consistent.”

Wise words from Tom Bilyeu that kicked my ass into full gear.

 2019 tested me in ways I couldn’t imagine… I had to take most of the year off the online world. But that time off didn’t just give me a space to heal and recover…

It also took me back to my why. My son.

I wanted to build an online business that gives me the freedom to work from home (or anywhere) and be with my son more. I felt like I missed so much of his childhood, I don’t want to miss any more time seeing him grow.

2020 made that possible. When 2020 started, I told myself my word for that year was GROWTH. But it wasn’t until midyear that I started to intentionally create an environment where I’m surrounded by people who will inspire me to grow. And it wasn’t until the last quarter that I got really focused on growth.

Looking back, most of my HUGE wins happened between September and December — the BIGGEST was quitting my job of over 13 years — which means, I now get to spend more time with my son.

For years, I’ve been dragging myself to go to work…Forcing myself to do a job I no longer enjoy…And in my business? I’ve been playing small, always second-guessing my capabilities, not realizing how much of an impact my work has on my client’s businesses…and in mine.

So I made a promise to myself. 

I want to stop hiding in my cave and start showing up and speaking my truth.

I want to start reaching more people with my message because you know what? I know that somewhere out there, there are people who are waiting for what I’ve been meaning to create.

creating a course that people love and buy
"Somewhere around the world, people are praying very hard for just the thing you are inspired to do. You are the answer to their prayers and they are the answer to yours."

For nearly 3 years, I’ve been wanting to create a brand. A movement for creators and doers.

A group of high vibe high achiever women who want to make a bigger impact.

Women who are empowered to share their brilliance with the world and get paid for it.

Women who are unapologetically ambitious, badass boss chicks.

I want to create a circle of women who’ve been wanting to pursue an online course but are always afraid to pull the trigger.

They’re scared to be judged so they always end up doing a halfass job showing up.

I want to change that game.

Because I’m done dimming my light… I want to stop doubting myself and giving a fuck about what others think. 

I want to play the game differently this time. I want to bet on myself and win.

Be that unapologetically ambitious woman who makes things happen for herself, her kid and her family…

And hope that I inspire other women to do the same.

YOU ARE a queen. amazing. a rockstar. a relentless mofo. 100% hardcore. awesome. fucking brilliant. fantabulous. so damn beautiful. gorgeous AF. a badass boss in heels.

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Client love notes

Melinda Zisser

Melinda Zisser

Thank you for everything! Your assistance is invaluable!

Christa Knappen

Christa Knappen

You're doing an amazing job with my course so far and I'm so impressed!

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