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Hazel June

I’m a certified Potterhead but Hogwarts wasn’t hiring so I decided to help muggles instead.

I have no talent in Potions and I certainly don’t have a knack in Transfiguration or an inclination to the Dark Arts…

So I decided to focus on what I love - training & education.

From Corporate Dropout to CEO

I’ve always been told to finish college and get a job to be successful. But after over a decade of working in corporate, I felt trapped - very far from feeling successful. I’m earning a good amount of money that gives us a comfortable life but that doesn’t give me the flexibility on work hours. I missed so much of my son’s childhood because of work. So when the opportunity came for me to work from anywhere, I grabbed it. Learning and acquiring the skills that allow me to help my clients ultimately gave me the freedom that I was looking for. 

As a Corporate Trainer turned Digital Course Coach & Trainer, I was able to help multiple clients convert their expertise into a profitable digital course. 

Now, together with my small team, we're on a mission to partner with experts in creating high value, high impact digital products so they can serve more clients, make more money & have more free time doing what they love.


I'm a proud mother of a smart little man - my constant source of joy & fulfillment.

Master Procrastinator

Probably not my best trait, I admit. You know the real reason behind this? Yup, my dear old pal, FEAR.

Badass Boss in Heels

My business is my baby that gave me the freedom & flexibility to do the things I love.

Recovering Perfectionist

Yup, the little Ms Perfect in me comes out from time to time thinking it'd help me combat self-doubt.

Ambitious Go-Getter

Took me time to own being unapologetically ambitious but hot damn, it's liberating!

Former Course Junkie

I used to bury myself in learning mode - believing if I learn more shit, I'll be ready. Total BS.

"You are badass MOFOs that are capable of change that you can't imagine... You don't need to be special. You just need to be consistent."

2019 tested me in ways I couldn’t imagine… I had to take most of the year off the online world. But that time off didn't just give me a space to heal and recover...

It also took me back to my why. My son.

I wanted to build an online business that gives me the freedom to work from home (or anywhere) and be with my son more. I felt like I missed so much of his childhood, I don't want to miss any more time seeing him grow.

2020 made that possible. When 2020 started, I told myself my word for that year was GROWTH. But it wasn't until midyear that I started to intentionally create an environment where I'm surrounded by people who will inspire me to grow. And it wasn't until the last quarter that I got really focused on growth.

Looking back, most of my HUGE wins happened between September and December -- the BIGGEST was quitting my job of over 13 years --- which means, I now get to spend more time with my son.

For years, I've been dragging myself to go to work...Forcing myself to do a job I no longer enjoy...And in my business? I've been playing small, always second-guessing my capabilities, not realizing how much of an impact my work has on my client's businesses...and in mine.

So I made a promise to myself. 

I want to stop hiding in my cave and start showing up and speaking my truth.

I want to start reaching more people with my message because you know what? I know that somewhere out there, there are people who are waiting for what I’ve been meaning to create.

"Somewhere around the world, people are praying very hard for just the thing you are inspired to do. You are the answer to their prayers and they are the answer to yours."

My company, The Virtual Classroom LLC, is on a mission to CHANGE LIVES AT SCALE ONE COURSE AT A TIME.

We do that by partnering with experts & thought leaders in creating high impact digital courses that help others learn and acquire the skills they need to thrive both in business and life.

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