April 5

EPISODE 1-30: 30 Lessons from 30 Days of Discomfort

"I'm feeling under the weather but will still definitely work on chasing my dreams and making shit happen ONE TEENY TINY ACTION AT A TIME." - Hazel June

Ever since I was introduced to the world of personal development, I’m always all in when it comes to mindset work. And in May 2021, I started #30DaysofDiscomfort Challenge. In all transparency, it was supposed to be a #100DaysofDiscomfort Challenge but midway through, I shifted my focus to #100DaysofGratitude. 

I shared all my learnings and realizations in my special launch series for my podcast, You’re a Badass. Take a listen HERE.

My hope is that by being vulnerable with my emotions, you’ll feel that you’re not alone. Others have the same fears and self-doubt. Let’s normalize facing these challenges and overcoming them. 

Snippets from the #30DayChallenge

I think it's because I also haven't really taken the time and effort to master a particular skill. I've dabbled on so many things and I haven't really focused on doing just one.

Whenever I share and step up and speak up, I have to be more mindful of my motive. Am I coming from a place of help? Or am I coming from a place of just genuinely wanting to share? Or am I showing up to impress others? Is my behavior driven by ego? I have to be mindful about that and really keep myself grounded.

So I guess that's the next level - now that I'm getting more comfortable sharing my insights and speaking up and showing up… I need to exude that confidence and self-belief.  That belief that what I'm sharing is valuable and that it will help others.

This isn't much but it's still a step forward.

With my 100-day challenge + consistent compound time activities + mindset work + right support system - I KNOW I'LL FUCKING SLAY IT!

I should think no more about what if other people think I don't qualify? I should just act and do my thing because it's who I am and that's what I'm called to do and it's fucking aligned to my truth.

It's because we've been trying to do all the things when we haven't really nailed the basics. Our focus is just so damn scattered we can barely see where we're going.

Starting easy and hoping to gradually make it harder in the next few days.

I feel like I need to keep this stance or perception that I have all my shit together and we're doing just fine…

I'm feeling under the weather but will still definitely work on chasing my dreams and making shit happen ONE TEENY TINY ACTION AT A TIME.

The possibilities of what can happen in the future and the potential partnerships and collaborations --- they get me super excited.

It's all about recognizing my effort and acknowledging the results that I'm getting from these efforts because I fucking worked on it.

I wouldn't have realized how much I enjoy this HAD I not persisted.

I did create an opportunity to face my discomfort and timidity today.

Imagine how much better I'd be and the amount of growth I'd experience in 30 or 60 or 90 days from now JUST BECAUSE I TOOK A GRADUAL TINY TEENY LITTLE ACTION STEP EVERY DAMN DAY.

I said whatever was in my head. No fucking pretensions or showing off. Ego didn't run the show baby! And I'm so fucking proud of that.

I'm only taking care of what i need to do now - I don't overthink on what I would need in the future. And you know this is an unfamiliar territory for me - I always (in the past) overthink and I would plan so far ahead and dive on things I didn't need right at that moment --- all because I feel I needed to be ready and I needed to be 10 steps ahead always or that I wanted to not look dumb or unprepared.

It’s amazing how things just fall into place right when you need it.

I always hated confrontations and difficult conversations like this -- and I always tried to avoid them. This time, I faced it head on.

I communicated with a client re: boundaries and it just feels great that I was able to set expectations and be clear on my work boundaries.

So now that I'm okay sharing my ideas in private talks without thinking about what they'd think… Now I need to train myself on IDGAF philosophy when posting content and putting myself out there.

I realized I didn't impress or sugarcoat or downplay myself. It was a great chat and that encounter gave me the type of energy I would like to have for myself and the kind of vibe/energy I'd like to attract for my million dollar squad.

I talked myself into sending it there for everyone to see - facing my fear of getting feedback in public. Too many what ifs going on in my head - ignored it and sent the freaking doc.

It's nice to be in the same room with strong personalities. It empowers and inspires me to not dim my light and aspire to be  more outspoken.

I listened to my gut and did it. It was a little uncomfortable and risky.  But I'm in this for the long term so I'm cool with that.

I'm betting on myself to win here - and deliver great results.

I need to hustle back and continue working on what I need to work on. Need to follow and get hardcore again. I shouldn't be complacent.

I gotta move my ass to work and start working on what matters.

Scary as hell because I don't know if it's okay but man, at least I tried. Nothing more important than to actually try and do it.

So I really  need to just focus on my own lane - and ONLY do shit that matters to my goals. I had to be decisive and really believe that it's what I want and have that manic passion and tenaciously pursue that thing.

Want to do your own #30DaysofDiscomfort Challenge?

I’ve created this guide of journaling prompts you can use to reflect on each day of the challenge.

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