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Know Where and How You Spend Your Time on Client Work So You Can Increase Efficiency, Delegate Easily and Improve Profitability

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With the Profitability Calculator, you’ll be able to track your time so you can:

  • Hit your productivity and profitability goals

  • Save time and money by optimizing how to spend your time

  • Avoid overwork and burnout by making your processes more efficient

  • Analyze how you spent your time so you can design your workweek

  • Understand how long projects really take

Hey there, I'm Hazel June.

As an Overachiever and an All-Time Hustler, I used to just work my ass off and complete tasks and projects blindly... just to get ‘em done!

Until I start tracking how I spend my time.

The level of awareness I get every time I track my time allows me to strategize for more efficiency and spot opportunities to improve my fulfillment system. It helps me document everything I do to fulfill services for clients and shows me where I spend my time the most!

Plus, it sets me up for success when I need to map out my process flows! It’s time tracking and process audit rolled into one.

Knowing where and how I spend my time on client work is a game-changer.

My goal for you: Know where and how you spend your time on client work so you can start optimizing your process for more efficiency and profitability.

Let’s go!

Get instant access to your FREE Profitability Calculator

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