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Unlike other service providers, I don't focus on just building online courses. My #1 priority is to help you deliver results to your students.

I do this by designing learning experiences and developing content using my Outcome-Based Approach on Course Design. I map out a simple and easy to follow roadmap for your students to get from Point A to Point B. And I use that same roadmap to drive engagement and reinforce implementation.

Because when your students are successful, you get a group of highly satisfied clients who will give you amazing testimonials, send a bunch of referrals and will be more than happy to do business with you again.

In short, you get a community of brand advocates. Because that's how you maximize the profitability of an online course - through retention, referrals and repeat business.

“Thank you Hazel for making my life easy and making my journey in creating my 1st online course really pleasurable, fun and successful! I owe it to you, thank you!”

Eli Abela, Biohacking Expert

"Thank you for everything! Your assistance is invaluable!"

MY AMAZING clients

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Karla Singson, Founder of KS Access Club

Julian Canita, Founder of JAFA

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