July 5


EPISODE 5: Becoming a badass with renee weal

"No matter what your situation is, you have to acknowledge where you want to go." - Renee Weal

How do you become a badass at NOT only setting goals but also achieving them?  If you usually get stuck, distracted or side tracked when working on your goals, this episode is for you! Renee shares lots of gems on how to get unstuck and the key things you need to get shit done and accomplish your goals. 

Takeaways & Tactics

  • You have to start with loving yourself.
  •  Focus on big things.
  •  Do and believe. And pay attention.

 This is how to set goals and accomplish them.

  1.  Create a parameter:   a. What do you want to accomplish? b. When do you want to accomplish it?
  2. Build your own support team:  It doesn't matter who these people are, it may be your family, your friends, partner, or your child as long as they will support you.
  3. You need to have a road map: Write it on a piece of paper so you will know where you are really going.

A badass is someone who is not afraid to learn and how you become in the process of living your life. Renee shared how she conquers all the struggles and fears in her life. Tell us more about your own experiences if you can relate with Renee!


Guest Bio

Renee was a single mom for much of her life in CA and she spent most of her career in commercial and residential construction project management as well as sales and Real Estate in New Orleans. Her true passion was in sewing and design. She had done this throughout her career as a second job or hobby while supporting her daughter. She also always had an interest in mindset and coaching or helping others. She began studying self improvement at sixteen years old back in the mid 1970’s. 

When she moved to a barrier island off the coast of NC, she thought she might dabble in being a life coach but had no idea that she would grow and continue to develop as she is in the past couple years. She did not start out with the confidence and skill sets she has today! It all began with ITU and facilitating the BADASS Goal Crushers. 

Renee was able to accomplish so much through ITU goal setting. She has physically changed, built a website, started a YouTube Channel, became certified as a coach with Robbins-Madanes, purchased all three Founders Keys, and she’s now learning how to swing trade.

Right now, she helps facilitate others on their goal-setting path as that is her passion.

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