July 12


Ep 15 - Creative Consistency with Sara Habbab

 "Skills grow with time." - Sara Habbab

Have you always struggled with being consistent? I know I have! That’s why I super love this episode because Sara shared so much great stuff about being consistent and the different factors that played a huge role in her journey to consistency. If you’re a creative entrepreneur and need some nudge in being more consistent, take a listen!

Takeaways & Tactics

  • To avoid procrastination, you must commit it publicly so you cannot break down. Always be accountable to your commitments.
  • Do your best every time, because doing your best is different from day to day. 
  • If you’re afraid that people judge you, just understand that people forget and change their mind that fast.

Life is meant to be distracting and we all get distracted with our tracks. Listen to this episode with Sarah Habbab and learn how to be consistent and refocus every time our life goes sideways.

Key Quotes 

  • Ideas are just going to fly around, and you will find yourself like your mind was expanding so much and that is possible. – Sarah Habbab
  • Whatever is it that you see yourself doing and start gently like honestly start gently. Art is gentle. – Sarah Habbab


Guest Bio

Sara is an Artist, Creativity Coach, and NFT enthusiast. Sara is on a journey of 1000 Days of art and uses everyday conversations and moments as inspiration to create her art of the day, while leading groups, where she coaches other creatives to get consistent with their practice and taking inspired action!

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