July 26


Ep 17 - Stop Your Excuses with Delia Peterson

"I should not be the same person in the same situation." - Delia Peterson

Progress takes massive action. We gotta show up no matter what. But it’s easier said than done, right? Sometimes, we get paralyzed by fear or these negative narratives we keep playing in our heads. We make up excuses or dwell in our emotions that prevent us from taking action. If that’s you, this episode is for you. Delia’s so good at holding people accountable and not letting them get off the hook. Listen and learn how she does it!

Takeaways & Tactics

  • Tell me if I could do something better.

  • You have to be accountable in everything you do.

  • Sometimes you have to work a little slower to get things done and you don't need to get excuses.

You already know the answers to our questions in life, you know your truth. You just have to ask the right questions and give them the space to talk. No more excuses and you have to be okay with your progress. You have to accept that being okay with yourself is okay.

When we don't make excuses we can live our life the way we want it to be without worrying about making other people comfortable. Now listen to this episode and discover why we should not make excuses and take actions with every situation in our life.

Key Quotes and Links

  • Everything you do affects everyone around you. -Delia Paterson
  • Clarity starts at home. -Delia Paterson

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Guest Bio

Delia is the owner and founder of The Written Podcast Agency. She’s a creative non-fiction writer, entrepreneur, and mom of 2. She is a champion for others and challenges the people around her to be bold and empowered to take action and get after their dreams. Delia is a dreamer and most importantly a doer.

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