August 2


EPISODE 18: Why Courses Are Beneficial to You and Your Customers

"Focus on building your business." - Hazel June

Why would anyone create a course if there is a gazillion of free information online? This is probably one of the common questions people ask. In this episode, I didn’t just answer that question. I also went over a few questions (and sometimes, excuses) that prevent people from getting their course launched. And more importantly, how online courses can be leveraged to grow a business.

Why create courses if there is a gazillion of free info online?

  1. Courses are overwhelming and confusing
  2. Systematized process needs step by step clear-cut direction
  3. It saves time.

How to grow a business?

  1. Increase price
  2. Increase customers  
  3. Increase products 

How online courses help you grow your business without having to raise your price or spend more time in your business.

  • Experience is hands down the best teacher. It's nice to know something, but real learning happens during application or execution. There are nuances that aren't covered in books or courses or other educational resources.
  • I don't need to be perfect, I just need to get started. For the longest time, I thought I needed to have all my shit together before I can do anything - that my audience needed me to know everything. Totally BS.
  • Small progress is still progress. I don't to take BIG strides to say I've made progress. Taking consistent small steps can lead to bigger results. Plus, they're more manageable and doable.

 Key Quotes

  •  Leverage your knowledge and monetize it by building courses around your area of expertise. --Hazel June
  • You need the commitment to take consistent action.  -Hazel June

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