April 26

Episode 4 - Confessions of a Master Procrastinator

"I would procrastinate doing something because I felt I was not ready. Or I didn't know enough. I wanted to be 10 steps ahead before I do anything. But I was wrong." - Hazel June

CONFESSION TIME: I've always been a master at procrastinating. πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

I would jump on a new thing, try to learn the ropes, analyze the concepts, understand the ins and outs and NOT take action. I was in "learner" mode all throughout.

I thought I have to always be 10 steps ahead. I thought I need to be always ready. I needed it to be perfect.

And this procrastination + perfectionism combo tripped me up for more times than I can remember. Over the years, I learned how to overcome them or at least, work around them. 

So in this episode, let me share with you the 3 key things I learned from being a master procrastinator.

Biggest Lessons Learned From Procrastination

  • Experience is hands down the best teacher. It's nice to know something, but real learning happens during application or execution. There are nuances that aren't covered in books or courses or other educational resources.
  • I don't need to be perfect, I just need to get started. For the longest time, I thought I needed to have all my shit together before I can do anything - that my audience needed me to know everything. Totally BS.
  • Small progress is still progress. I don't to take BIG strides to say I've made progress. Taking consistent small steps can lead to bigger results. Plus, they're more manageable and doable.

Now I’m curious - do any of these resonate with you? If it does, let’s talk about it! Comment below - I’d love to know the lessons you’ve learned from being a procrastinator. 

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