May 10

EPISODE 6: How I Design My Work Week to Optimize Productivity

"The purpose of designing your work week is not for you to feel restricted - it’s meant to guide you and help you avoid decision fatigue." - Hazel June

Have you ever felt so tired from doing so many things in your business and also frustrated because you’re not seeing any results? I’ve been there.

There was a point in my business (back when it was still a side gig) that I would spend about 4-5 hours (after I got home from my corporate job) working on a lot of different things but when I looked at my business, it felt like there was no improvement.  It was frustrating to say the least.

And that was because I wasn’t focused and intentional on what I needed to do. 

That’s why in this episode, I’ll share with you how I map out my work week to not only maximize productivity but also to be aligned to what my goals are.

3 Things I Learned to Maximize Productivity:

1. Vision - What are your long and short-term goals? You must have them organized and time-tracked to give clarity on when you would like to achieve it.

2. Planning - Map your week and day in advance and work on your priorities first. Proper planning allows you to know exactly what you need to do and in what order.

3. Evaluation - Evaluate your current processes and priorities regularly. This allows you to know what’s working and what’s not so you can improve your productivity and get better results.

Now I hope this is helpful for you - if there are 3 things I’d like for you to take away from this episode it’s:

  • We can do anything but not everything.

  • Only do and believe that which moves you towards your goals.

  • You do you.

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