May 17


EPISODE 7: The Best Platform for Your Online Course

"Indecision is the enemy of progress." - Hazel June

Is this you?

You can’t decide what tool to use for your course…

You asked around and looked at what others think...

You’ve been researching Google to death…

But you ended up getting more confused than when you started...

You see, it’s one of the common rabbit holes that first-time course creators get into.

Lessons we Learn from Choosing the Best Platform

  • Don't get carried away with using a lot of tools. You may find yourself trying to learn how all the tech works instead of focusing on course creation.
  • Never hesitate to launch it! If you already have content and know what your students need, you'll be in a better position to decide which platform to use.
  • Make an informed decision. You don't exactly need a platform immediately after creating your first course. You can do it live via Zoom or Facebook groups. Gather data and feedback to come up with an informed decision when using the necessary tools.
  • Indecision is the enemy of progress.
  • Act now. Learn on the way.
  • The world needs your brilliance.

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